Connecting to a wireless network

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Windows XP

WirelessXP1B.PNG Right-click on your wireless icon and select View Available Wireless Networks.
WirelessXP2.PNG Select your wireless network from the list and click on connect.
WirelessXP3.PNG The Wireless Network Connection window will pop up, type your Wireless Security Key in the Network key and Confirm network key fields.
WirelessXP4.PNG Windows will now attempt to connect to the wireless network.
WirelessXP5.PNG If successful the Wireless Network Connection window should show a connected status on the network.

Windows 7

WirelessWin7 1.PNG Click on the wireless icon in your task bar. WirelessWin7 2.PNG Select your wireless network from the list. WirelessWin7 3.PNG Click on the Connect button. WirelessWin7 4.PNG Windows will now get information on the network security type. WirelessWin7 5.PNG Type your wireless security key in the security key field and click okay. WirelessWin7 6.PNG Windows will now attempt to connect to the Wireless network. WirelessWin7 7.PNG When connecting to a network for the first time, Windows will ask if it is a Home, Work or Public network. Choose accordingly as this will affect security and what your PC does and does not share on the network. Example.jpg You should now be connected.