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Refer–a-friend Terms and Conditions.

If you refer a friend, acquaintance or a colleague to Imaginet we're giving anyone you refer 50% off their first invoice on all applicable services and as thanks for spreading the love we will reward you with the same amount off your next invoice! So everyone scores and Imaginet will happily welcome a new client !

1. The services which can be referred will vary according to our pricing and structured products.  These are the first ones on offer for this special project:

a) All capped and uncapped ADSL Products

b) Starter and Business Hosting

c) Social Media Hosting and Social Media Management

To join the program you merely have to be a paying Imaginet client and have services with us. We will send you your Customer ID number and anyone who signs up with us must quote it so that you can get the discount.

You can begin today and just make sure you tell your friends to sign up using your CID (Customer ID Number) in the mail they send us or on online in the sign up form.

 If you want to know when your credit is passed and when the person you refer sees their credit, check the following :

The credit will immediately be added to your financial records and at month end you will see it has been credited and your account will reflect the discount.  
Please note though that if the person you referred fails to pay us or cancels the service any time within the first 3 months then the credit will be reversed off your account and you will owe that amount again.

You are allowed to advertise this on your website or social media.

We have no problem with clients spreading the word but be sure to let them know that the CID must be on the application or no one gets the special deal.  Please don’t send spam to all your friends, you might lose a few that way!



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