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This tutorial expains how to make use of the Imaginet Form Mailer. Please note that you will need to build your own contact form as this is not something that we can assist you with.

The first four lines of the form MUST look like this...

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=MailTo>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Subject VALUE='The subject of the email message'>

I repeat, the above lines must be the first four lines of the form.

You must edit the first four lines to suit your website, and your email address. Here is a line by line description of what you should and shouldn't change.

Line #1:


You can replace FormName, but there's really no need to. It's best not to change anything on this line.

Line #2:

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=MailTo>

Replace "" with the email address that you want the results of the form mailed to. Do not change anything else on this line. Only one (1) 'MailTo' email address is allowed per form.

Line #3:

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Subject VALUE='The subject of the email message'>

Replace "The subject of the email message" with the subject of your email message. Be sure that the subject line is enclosed in single-quotes ( ' ) as in the example.

Line #4:


Replace "" with the FULL URL (web address) of the web page you want to refer the person to after the form has been submitted. For example, a web page that thanks the visitor for filling out the form.

Following these first four lines, you can add any form fields of any type, such as...

<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=SomeFieldName>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=SomeOtherFieldName>

The LAST line of your form should be your submit button. It doesn't have to look exactly like this, but it should be the last line of the form.


Once you have completed your form, be sure to test it thoroughly to ensure that it is working properly. Any errors will be displayed on the page when you submit the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of the Imaginet Form Mailer is at your own risk. Imaginet neither warrants nor guarantees its usefulness, functionality, or availability. Imaginet will not be held liable for any costs or losses of any kind that result from the free Imaginet Form Mailer's use.

Imaginet provides this as a free service, and therefore does not provide support for the use of this function. If you have problems with building the form, it is highly suggested that you enlist the aid of a qualified web designer.

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