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Your main control panel, which we lovingly call MyDot is located at

MyDot Functions

To access your control panel, please visit and log in with the details provided. Please note that you will need to log in using your primary My[Dot] credentials.

You will be able to log in using any Imaginet username and password, such as those for your email or ADSL accounts, however, logging in with those details will only allow you to administer that one particular service . In other words, if you log in with an Imaginet email address which is not your primary log-in, you will only be able to manage that one email address, and will not have access to other control panel functions.

If you're not sure of your primary MtDot log-in details, please contact us.

Monitor your usage


Monitor your Per GB ADSL usage
Monitor your Uncapped DSL usage

Mobile Broadband

Monitor your Mobile Broadband usage


Monitor your hosting traffic
Monitor your email traffic

Manage your hosting services

View detailed hosting stats
Upload files via Net2FTP
Managing your DNS Records
Modify your hosting services

Manage your Emails

Creating a new email address
Changing your email password
Setting up forwarding and aliases
Setting up an Auto-Reply

Manage your account

Change your payment details
Access invoices
Manage Control Panel users