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                                                                      Backing Up your Website
  • Simply log into your Control Panel [MyDot]
  • Navigate to Hosting & Domains (On your left side of your screen)
  • Select the Domain that you wish to make the backups for.
  • Click on Controls -> Hosting Panel
  • You should now see a new page called Plesk
  • On your right hand side you will see a heading called Backups Manager. Select that option.
  • Click on the Backup Button at the top which will then direct you to a new window.
  • You will have the option to choose which type you of backup you would like.
  • If you select Full, this would make a full backup of your website content and would then be stored under your subscription plan. If selecting the Incremental option, this would only backup the changes made to the website.( Please note that whether you select Full or Incremental backups, the backups would be stored under your subscription plan and would count towards your Package usage.
  • However if you have a backup storage server located elsewhere you can simply select the Remote storage settings tab you will have the option to enter the remote storage servers details in.
  • If the above option is select, your website backups would then be stored on that server that you have entered.
  • By selecting the schedule option you have the choice of choosing how frequent you want the server to make backups of your website and for how long you wish for the server to keep backups for.