How to re-size multiple images before uploading to gallery

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When adding a gallery to your website, it’s important that you don’t upload images that exceed a resolution of 1024x768.

Here are a few reasons why it’s not recommended

  • Wastes Bandwidth.
  • Not all monitors support high resolution images.
  • Affects site speed for visitors that have slow internet connection.

The below tutorial will explain how to re-size multiple images for your gallery. Please note that this can also be done in Microsoft Paint, but for this tutorial lets say you have quite a few images to re-size.

* Step 1

Download a program called adionSoft Fast Image Resizer from the following link Download

Resize img0.PNG

* Step 2

Install Fast Image Resizer and open it up, you should see something similar to this.

Resize img1.PNG

* Step 3

Now that its installed, you do have the option to customize where you would like re-sized images stored and what quality you would like the re-sized images in. In this tutorial I left it to use the default options.

Resize img2.PNG

* Step 4

Specify the resolution (recommend 1024x768) and drag all the images you want to re-size into the block where it says Drop files here.

Resize img3.PNG

* Step 5

Once all the images are re-sized, you should see the word Done as seen below. Please note that the re-sized images will be placed in sub-folder called resized where the original images stored if you have not changed any options.

Resize img4.PNG