How to submit your site URL to Google search

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In order for your site to appear in the Google search when you type in or, you will need to submit a sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools. Its recommended to also submit your site URL using the following link provided below.

Add URL -

Please note that this tutorial does not cover SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want your site to appear in Google search when keywords are entered, please visit the following URL for more information –

  • Step 1

Login to Google Webmaster Tools - with a valid gmail account and enter your website URL in the text box and click add site.

Googleverify sitecreator0.PNG
  • Step 2

Verify Ownership, we suggest that you use the recommended method which is to download the html verification file.

Googleverify sitecreator3.PNG
  • Step 3

Navigate back to the site creator editor and click on Settings' and then Advance. You will then need to Click on the Verify Website Ownership option and select Upload verification File. Simply browse to where you downloaded the file to and click the “okay” button.

Googleverify sitecreator1.PNG
  • Step 4

You should then see the following appear.

Googleverify sitecreator2.PNG
  • Step 5

Your site should now be verified, now you will need to submit a Google Site MAP of your website – More info regarding this can be found when visiting the following URL -

Now that you know why you need to create a site map, let’s go ahead and do it. Navigate back to the site creator editor and click on Advance and the Download Sitemap, your sitemap should now be downloaded.

Googleverify sitecreator8.PNG
  • Step 6

You now need to submit your sitemap that you just downloaded, so navigate back to Google Webmaster Tools and click on Dashboard and then Sitemap which will give you the option to Add/Test Sitemap. In your case you are going to be submitting one so enter sitemap.xml in the text box next to your website URL and click Submit Sitemap.

Googleverify sitecreator6.PNG

  • Step 7

Once you have submitted your sitemap, you should see the following. Please remember that there is not exact time frame as to when Google will index your pages, this is entirely up to Google. For more info on how to submit contents to Google visit

Googleverify sitecreator7.PNG