How to upload a document and create a download link

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  • Step 1
Select the page that you want to add the pdf download link, in this example I created a page called documents.
  • Step 2
Select the Documents Module from on the editor and click the upload button and select the file that you want to upload. Remember that it does not need to be a pdf, but in this example it will be. Once the file has uploaded successfuly, you should then see something similar to this.
  • Step 3
If you don't already have the text widget on that page drag the Text & Images module onto the page. The next step is to create a the name of the file, this can also be a button or an image.
  • Step 4
You then need to either select the image or text and click on the link button.
  • Step 5
In this step, you need to select "A document on this site" and chose the document you uploaded in step 2.
  • Step 6
You also have the option to open this link in the current window or to open the download link in a new window.