Setting up your dial-up connection

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Windows XP

WindowsR.jpg Hold the Windows button and press the R button on your keyboard.
XP Bridged01.png This will pop up the Run window. In the Dialogue box type in ncpa.cpl and press Enter or click OK.
XP Bridged02.png This will open the Network Connections window. Click on Create a new connection under Network Tasks.
XP Bridged03.png This will start the New Connection Wizard. On the first page Click on Next.
XP Bridged04.png Then select Connect to the Internet and click Next.
XP Bridged05.png Select Set up my connection manually and click Next.
DialupXP1.PNG Select Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.
DialupXP2.PNG Type in the name of your connection and click Next.
DialupXP3.PNG Type in the Dialup number 0860007249 and click Next.
DialupXP4.PNG Type in your User name and type your password in the Password and Confirm password fields.
DialupXP5.PNG You have now completed your Dialup setup. Tick the checkbox if you want a dialup shortcut on your desktop.
Desktop Shortcut Dialup XP.PNG Double-Click on the desktop shortcut you have created. DialupXP6.PNG The Connect window will open, click on the Dial button to connect. DialupXP7.PNG A Connecting box will pop up while windows connects. DialupXP8.PNG Once connected a connection icon will appear in your taskbar and you should get a connection confirmation in the bottom right-hand corner. DialupXP9.PNG When you want to disconnect, double-click the connection icon and click disconnect on the window that pops up.