Standard ADSL router setup / Install Settings / Configure modem

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Step 1 : Access your modem's control panel by typing the default IP address into your browsers address bar, this can be found in your router manual. With our Billion routers, the IP address is

Step 2 : Log in using the default username and password which can be found in your manual. With our Billion routers the details are as follows :

Username: admin Password: admin

Step 3 : These are the details that need to be set, the location of these settings will vary depending on your router.

Encapsulation : "PPPoE LLC" or "PPP over Ethernet" (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

VPI: 8 VCI: 35 MTU: 1492 Bridge: Disabled (optional)

Username: "Your ADSL account username given to you in your welcome email" Password: "Your ADSL account password given to you in your welcome email"

The rest of the options you can leave as default Note: Don’t forget to save the settings to memory. Many Routers require you to "Save settings and reboot"