What are domains, and what will I need?

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A domain name is basically an address on the internet. Having a domain and hosting allows you to use the internet to promote your business, yourself or anything else you may choose. You can register/purchase just about any name as long as it is available; meaning someone else hasn't already purchased that name.

What can be done with a domain?

The domain itself is just the street address, it's simply the yourname.co.za/.com/.biz part. You cannot move your personal or business ideas and advertising (website) onto an empty piece of land; you needing storage space (hosting). You also cannot get mail without a mailbox (email address).

Do I need hosting?

If you plan to have an email address or website at your domain, you will need a hosting service. You don't necessarily have to host with Imaginet; you can redirect your domain to another hosting service. Our hosting options are very affordable though, and we'd really recommend considering Imaginet if you would like hosting services.