What do you need in order to make use of Mobile Broadband?

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in order to make use of mobile broadband services, you will require the following:

  • A computer or device capable of connecting to the internet.
  • A mobile broadband modem capable of connecting to your PC.
  • A specially provisioned SIM card.

Please note that when you apply for mobile broadband services through Imaginet, you will be sent a new SIM card for use exclusively with our internet services. Your pre-existing cellular services will not be affected, and your Imaginet SIM cannot be used for regular cellular services. Prepaid airtime or data bundles cannot be loaded onto these SIMs.

Choosing the right modem

There is a wide variety of modems available, and your choice of device will depend on certain factors:

  • Device capabilities: Different modems are capable of different connections speeds. If you're in an area with super fast coverage, but your modem is only capable of GPRS speeds, your connection speed will be limited by your modem's capabilities.
  • Physical Connection type: