Capped ADSL


Capped ADSL with Imaginet just got a whole lot better !  Our unshaped offering also has a three month roll over for any data not used - so you are getting the full value of your spend.

Also good to know is that Capped internet has no prioritized internet traffic so you will connect as fast as the ADSL line allows. 

 Pricing starts at an amazing R49 per month 


*Hard capped does mean that once you reach your threshold you will be offline but you can always top up and keep going.


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ADSL Express 20GB

R 49.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 40GB

R 69.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 80GB

R 109.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 120GB

R 139.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 200GB

R 199.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 300GB

R 299.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 400GB

R 399.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 600GB

R 599.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 800GB

R 799.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 1000GB

R 999.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 1200GB

R 1,199.00 Buy Now

ADSL Express 2000GB

R 1,799.00 Buy Now

Each of these packages includes:

Compatible with VDSL up to 40Mbps

No Contract

No Set-up Fee

Unshaped Bandwidth

Runs on Any Line Speed

- 384kbps to 100 Mbps; including Fibre 

Up to 10 Concurrent Connections

Use from Multiple Locations


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"I appreciate you guys so much! Such a pleasure to work with Imaginet, all the guys I've dealt with that side - you've all been so amazing! If you were closer to GRG, I'd bake you a cake! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Ms. M Grant


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