This is the ultimate solution for those who don't have access to ADSL or Fibre to the home connectivity.  Save on costs as  No landline needed !

 LTE-A is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage.

Get the best home and business LTE-A deals in South Africa right here !!! The choices are great but you will need to find out whether you are within the coverage area.



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Wireless 25GB

R 299.00 Buy Now

Wireless 55GB

R 549.00 Buy Now

Wireless 85GB

R 799.00 Buy Now

Wireless 120GB

R 999.00 Buy Now

Wireless 220GB

R 1,349.00 Buy Now

Wireless 330GB

R 1,599.00 Buy Now

Wireless 1GB TopUp

R 10.00 Buy Now

Wireless 2GB TopUp

R 20.00 Buy Now

Wireless 3GB TopUp

R 30.00 Buy Now

Wireless 5GB TopUp

R 50.00 Buy Now

Wireless 10GB TopUp

R 100.00 Buy Now

Wireless 20GB TopUp

R 200.00 Buy Now

Huawei B315

R 1,799.00 Buy Now

Huawei B618

R 2,499.00 Buy Now

SIM Only: (Approved Devices: Huawei B315, Huawei B618, Huawei B2338 (Outdoor), TP-Link MR200, ZTE MF253, ZTE MF283+, ZTE MF286)

Rain's LTE‑A Network currently averages speeds between 10‑50Mbps but remains device and coverage dependent.

Each of these packages includes:

No Fibre or Landline Needed

Mobile Plug & Play


Hard Capped / Top-up's available

* Super-Fast Speeds

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"Thank you so much for your speedy service! Imaginet never fails to deliver :)" - Willem Sohnge

  • Choice of micro, nano, or regular SIM
  • Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Hard-capped. Top-ups available
  • Coverage Speeds may Vary based on your location


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