MTN Mobile Data 3G and LTE


Why do you need Mobile data? 


Mobile data keeps you connected on the go!  It's easy to load and as long as you are in an area with data coverage - which is just about anywhere in South Africa - with NO contract !

Available from R48.00 per month 

  •  Speed dependent on network coverage in your area. 

Check your coverage on MTN's network map

  • You can work from home, the office, waiting in the car, or at the supermarket! Keep in touch with your business demands all the time. 
  • We will set up your SIM and courier it to your door for your convenience. Top ups available. 



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Unplugged 500MB

R 48.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 500MB

R 57.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 1GB

R 76.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 1GB

R 104.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 2GB

R 117.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 2GB

R 198.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 3GB

R 166.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 3GB

R 292.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 4GB

R 215.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 4GB

R 386.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 5GB

R 275.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 5GB

R 480.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 6GB

R 325.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 6GB

R 574.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 8GB

R 425.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 8GB

R 762.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 10GB

R 525.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 10GB

R 950.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 12GB

R 625.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 12GB

R 1,138.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 16GB

R 825.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 16GB

R 1,514.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 20GB

R 1,008.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 20GB

R 1,890.00 Buy Now

Unplugged 24GB

R 1,229.00 Buy Now

TopUp Unplugged 24GB

R 2,266.00 Buy Now

Setup and delivery fee for all packages: R253.00

Each of these packages includes:

All SIMS available.

No Contract

Unshaped Bandwidth

No phone line needed

MTN coverage

Courier delivery to your door

Hard - capped

Top ups available

No out of bundle billing


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"Many thanks for a great, friendly relationship over the time I have been with yourselves, I have no complaints whatever and your customer service/helplines have been excellent. I hope I find an ISP as good in the UK . . ." - Annette Moss

  • My[Dot] Control Panel
  • Skilled Help Desk agents
  • Free email support
  • Free telephonic support
  • Call-Me-Back support
  • Full knowledge base
  • Video tutorials 
  • Month-to-month service
  • Package billed in advance
  • Hard-capped. Top-ups available.
  • Payment via debit order or credit card
  • Cancellation before the 24th
  • Invoice sent out on 1st
  • Debit processed at midnight on 1st working day
  • Choice of micro, nano, or regular SIM
  • Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Hard-capped. Top-ups available
  • Coverage Speeds may Vary based on your location


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