Per GB Business ADSL

Unsurpassed Business Connectivity

Imaginet’s Per GB Business packages offer the highest priority bandwidth and the highest speeds.  We’re proud to offer these quality unshaped broadband connections with no contract and full international redundancy. This is just what you need to run an efficient and high speed business outlet!  Time wasted on poor connectivity costs your company money !  


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  Monthly Data Allowance Price  

Business 5GB

5GB R 201.00

Business 10GB

10GB R 292.00

Business 15GB

15GB R 393.00

Business 25GB

25GB R 605.00

Business 50GB

50GB R 1,109.00

Business 75GB

75GB R 1,563.00

Business 100GB

100GB R 1,936.00

Business 150GB

150GB R 2,874.00

Subject to initial set-up fee of R1,726.00 incl. VAT. payable before the router is delivered.

Additional hosting & email traffic: R0.14/MB. 

* 5GB @ R282.00; 10GB @ R464.00 and 20GB @ R796.00 incl VAT.

Each of these packages includes:

  • No contract
  • 5 static IPs
  • Unshaped bandwidth
  • Router pre-configured and couriered to your door
  • Free domain registration
  • Free Micro hosting
  • Full International Redundancy
  • * Top-up’s available 

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"Imaginet is just the BEST!!!" - M Hixon

  • My[Dot] Control Panel
  • Skilled Help Desk agents
  • Free email support
  • Free telephonic support
  • Call-Me-Back support
  • Full knowledge base
  • Video tutorials 
  • Free domain registration
  • Annual renewal fee for domain will apply
  • Domain renewal notification sent out 1 month in advance
  • Free Micro hosting package included
  • 10 email addresses @your domain name
  • 100MB of website storage
  • FTP and My[Dot] access
  • 400MB of traffic (including web and mail traffic)
  • Additional traffic billed at R0.14 per MB
  • 10 email addresses provided @your domain name
  • Full control via My[Dot]
  • Free fax2email number
  • Access from anywhere through Webmail or Roundcube
  • POP or IMAP options
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail forwarding
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus
  • Support for various mail clients
  • Only 1 connection allowed
  • Premium bandwidth with international redundancy (Seacom and SAT3)
  • Unshaped bandwidth
  • Will work on any line from 384kbps up to 10Mbps.
  • Download speed is reduced to 64kbps after limit is reached.
  • 5GB, 10GB and 20GB top-ups available.
  • Unused top-up data rolls over for 6 months
  • Top-up automatically activates when base package data has been used
  • 5 Usable Static IPs
  • Connection from only 1 location allowed
  • Unlimited, Un-throttled and Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Premium Fibre Bandwidth
  • Full International Redundancy (Seacom and SAT3)
  • Connection speed limited to selected package speed
  • Selected package speed should match line speed
  • Includes 5 usable Static IPs
  • Number of emails provided differs per package
  • Full control via My[Dot]
  • MX controls
  • Catchall
  • Free fax2email
  • Webmail or Roundcube
  • POP or IMAP options
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail forwarding
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus
  • Support for variety of mail clients
  • Photo Gallery 
  • Contact Form
  • Embedded Video
  • Social Sharing Links and Graphics – facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Interactive Blog

Tip for domain choices: A catchy or easy-to-remember domain will help people find your website online and remember your brand and make it easier for Google to find you. Keep things simple. You can also personalise your mail using your domain ! 

 How soon can I get my domain ? We register your domain immediately and it takes 24 hours for the name to be registered globally and so in one day you will be able to use it for your site or your e-maill 

Do I need web hosting immediately?  No, you can park your domain with Imaginet until you are ready to use it. Hosting can be added at any time through our call centre or on your control panel. 


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