Uncapped ADSL and VDSL


Unlimited ADSL provides unlimited access to the Internet for downloading, gaming, watching and listening to music and videos . New prices now  effective !

 Deals start from R210 per month. 

So bundle your uncapped for one of the best deals you will find anywhere in the local market. Uncapped lines available from Imaginet will be supported and managed by us !  We report and follow up on any Telkom problems so you don't have to worry about it. 

 Backed by the best customer service anywhere.  




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  Per Month  

Uncapped 5Mbps

R 210.00

Uncapped 10Mbps

R 370.00

Uncapped 20Mbps

R 440.00

Uncapped 40Mbps

R 670.00

Uncapped 5Mbps + Line

R 390.00

Uncapped 10Mbps + Line

R 620.00

Uncapped 20Mbps + Line

R 840.00

Uncapped 40Mbps + Line

R 1,130.00

*Threshold limits on excessive usage only ! 


Uncapped Features

ADSL and VDSL Packages

Discounted Line Bundles Available 

No Contract

Fixed Monthly Fee

Unlimited Data

No Set-Up Fee

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"I appreciate you guys so much! Such a pleasure to work with Imaginet, all the guys I've dealt with that side - you've all been so amazing! If you were closer to GRG, I'd bake you a cake! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Ms. M Grant

  • My[Dot] Control Panel
  • Skilled Help Desk agents
  • Free email support
  • Free telephonic support
  • Call-Me-Back support
  • Full knowledge base
  • Video tutorials 
  • No contract
  • No additional usage charges
  • Package billed in advance
  • Payment via debit order or credit card
  • Cancellation before the 24th
  • Invoice sent out on the 1st
  • Debit order processed on 1st working day
  • 1st month billing is not prorated
  • No emails are provided with Uncapped packages
  • Add-on Email packages are available @ R21.00
  • Access from anywhere with Webmail or Roundcube
  • Support for various mail clients
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus
  • Free fax2email number
  • Full control via My[Dot]
  • POP or IMAP options
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail forwarding


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