Uncapped Business ADSL

Ultimate Business Connectivity

Now, more than ever, your business depends on the Internet, so you need a dedicated, high-speed connection upon which you can rely. At Imaginet, the Internet is our business, so you can depend on us to deliver the first class service you deserve. Prices have just been revised and we have introduced a whole new range for customer convenience and affordability !  Cheaper prices for more value.

Imaginet’s Uncapped Business ADSL packages feature high-priority, premium fibre bandwidth, unlimited traffic, dedicated IP addresses, full international redundancy and much more, all at a flat monthly rate. No contract, no risk.

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Reasons to choose Imaginet:

Great Customer Support

Every one of our clients is a member of the Imaginet family. Pick up the phone and speak to someone who cares about you and your connectivity. Superior service is our ethos.

23 Years of Trusted Service

Imaginet has had loyal clients for over 23 years now and thousands of compliments. You deserve great service, so trust us with your connectivity needs.


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  Line speed Price  

Business Uncapped 384

384kbps R 349.00

Business Uncapped 512

512kbps R 500.00

Business Uncapped 1024

1024kbps R 823.00

Business Uncapped 2048

2048kbps R 1,408.00

Business Uncapped 4096

4096kbps R 1,993.00

Business Uncapped 6144

6144kbps R 3,163.00

Business Uncapped 8192

8192kbps R 4,131.00

Business Uncapped 10Mbps

10240kbps R 4,817.00

Setup Fee for all packages: R1,726.00

Additional hosting & email traffic: R0.14/MB 

Each of these packages includes:

  • No Contract
  • Unlimited, Un-throttled and Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Premium Fibre Bandwidth
    • With Full International Redundancy via Seacom and SAT3
  • 5 static IPs
  • Router rental included
  • Router pre-configure and couriered to your door
  • Free co.za domain registration
  • Free Micro hosting which includes 10 email addresses*

        *See email features

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"Thank you very much. I have referred some of my friends to Imaginet because of your first world service. I can honestly say that I wish every business was as efficient and prompt as yours!! Great stuff guys!" - Levin Slabbert

  • Month-to-month service
  • Package billed in advance
  • Top-up packages billed in arrears
  • No additional usage charges
  • EFT for the full setup fee required before router delivery
  • Payment via debit order or credit card
  • Cancellation before the 24th.
  • Invoice sent out on 1st of each month
  • Debit processed at midnight on the 1st working day.
  • Free co.za domain registration
  • Annual renewal fee for domain will apply
  • Domain renewal notification sent out 1 month in advance
  • Free Micro hosting package included
  • 10 email addresses @your domain name
  • 100MB of website storage
  • FTP and My[Dot] access
  • 400MB of traffic (including web and mail traffic)
  • Additional traffic billed at R0.14 per MB
  • 10 email addresses provided @your domain name
  • Full control via My[Dot]
  • Free fax2email number
  • Access from anywhere through Webmail or Roundcube
  • POP or IMAP options
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail forwarding
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus
  • Support for various mail clients
  • Router provided MUST be used
  • Router is preconfigured and couriered to your door
  • Wireless is disabled on the router for security
  • Wireless access point can be used with the device
  • EFT of setup fee required before the router is delivered
  • Router to be returned upon termination/cancellation
  • Connection from only 1 location allowed
  • Unlimited, Un-throttled and Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Premium Fibre Bandwidth
  • Full International Redundancy (Seacom and SAT3)
  • Connection speed limited to selected package speed
  • Selected package speed should match line speed
  • Includes 5 usable Static IPs


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