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Understanding the lights on the Huawei ONT

  • The power light should be on and stable.
    • Power light off: Ensure device is plugged in and switched on at the wall.
  • The PON light (Passive Optical Network) should be on and green.
    • Off, red and flashing: There is an error with your line. Contact us and we'll have it sorted out!
  • The LOS light (Loss of Signal) should be off.
    • On: There may be a fault with your fibre connection. Contact Imaginet!
  • PON and LOS lights flashing: The device is faulty. Contact Imaginet and we'll arrange for a new device to be installed for you.
  • The LAN light should be on.
    • Off: The device is not properly connected to the ONT.
    • Ensure cables and connectors to the Wi-Fi enabled ONT and device are plugged in properly.
    • Ensure all devices are switched on.
    • Try different LAN cables.
    • Switch the ONT device off for 5 minutes and turn it back on. If the light stays off, contact Imaginet.
  • The WLAN light
    • On: Wi-Fi is enabled.
    • Off: Wi-Fi is not enabled or the device has no power
    • Flashing: Data is being transmitted
  • NOTE: If the LAN light stays off please log a query with your ISP. You cannot use a telephone cable. You will need to use an Ethernet, LAN or CAT6 cable.