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Learn how to make the most of your Imaginet hosting service. Set up emails or a website in minutes. Make your online presence known!


Please see our email knowledge base for all the info you need about emails @ your domain, as well as email accounts.

Managing your Email Accounts

Creating a new email address

Changing your email password

Setting up forwarding and aliases

Setting up an Auto-Reply

Monitor your hosting storage

Web hosting

Control panels

Hosting packages can be controlled via 2 control panels:


The MyDot control panel at is for basic features like monitoring usage ad billing, and controlling your email accounts. It also gives you access to the more advanced Plesk control panel:


The Plesk hosting control panel gives you access to advanced features like automated Content Management System installation, File upload and management, databases, FTP user management, SSL certificates, server logs, password-protected directories, git, node.js, Ruby, PHP settings, and more.


Learn the basics of hosting and how your service works.


Point your domain, link external services, and verify domain ownership.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are the easiest and most popular way to create beautiful, modern, functional websites with minimal technical skill required.

Installation tutorials

Website Troubleshooting

Website Backup

Grow your web development skills