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Your main control panel, which we lovingly call MyDot is located at

When your Imaginet account is activated, you'll be provided with login details in your "Welcome to Imaginet" email.

Welcome to MyDot!

"A screenshot from the Imaginet MyDot control panel showing a disclaimer titled 'Disclaimer' and a section heading 'Terms of use'. Text in a block to the right reads 'Before being able to use MyDot we require that you read through this disclaimer to avoid any misunderstandings that might happen in the future.'"
MyDot disclaimer displayed on first login
"A screenshot from MyDot showing the text 'I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions.' next to a ticked checkbox. When the checkbox is ticked, a button marked 'ACCEPT' appears."
Scroll to the bottom of the page to accept the disclaimer

Via MyDot you can control many aspects of your Imaginet account and services.

When you first log in to MyDot you'll be presented with a disclaimer which you'll need to accept in order to use the site. To accept the disclaimer, scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the box marked "I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions."

An "ACCEPT" button will appear. Click it to access MyDot.

Granting access to other users

Your login details are very important, and you must not share them with anyone else. If you want to grant MyDot access to someone else, there are a few ways to do so.

Accessing MyDot with email account details

Anyone with an email address hosted by Imaginet can access MyDot to managed only their own email account by logging in with:

their full email address as the user name, and

their email password.

This user can now manage their own forwarding addresses and auto-replies / out-of-office message.

Accessing MyDot with FTP details

You may need to grant MyDot access to a web developer or designer, technician, IT officer, etc. In this case it might be appropriate to give them the FTP details for your hosting package.

Remember that FTP details are the keys to accessing and changing your website and hosted data, so only share this info with authorised and trusted people.

To access MyDot with FTP details, use:

your domain name as the username. Don't include the www. Enter your domain name only, like

your FTP password for that domain.

This login allows you to access your hosting controls and hosting control panel, and your domain's DNS controls.

Granting further account access

If you want to grant further access to authorised users, you can set up new MyDot users in the "My Account" section. See this article about managing control panel users for more info.


The following features are available in the menu on the right-hand side of the MyDot screen.

If you can't see the full menu, the most likely explanation is that you aren't logged in with your primary MyDot login details, but rather with your email credentials or FTP details. Your MyDot login information is not the same as your email account information, so be sure to use the correct details for full access to your account.

MyDot Menu


Get updates about new features, view network notices, and manage your subscriptions to email notifications.

My Account

Change your login details and personal info.
Change your payment details
Access invoices
Manage Control Panel users


Monitor your Per GB ADSL usage
Monitor your Uncapped DSL usage


Creating a new email address
Changing your email password
Setting up forwarding and aliases
Setting up an Auto-Reply


Manage your DNS records
Modify your hosting services
Monitor your hosting storage
Access Plesk hosting control panel

Mobile Broadband

Monitor your Mobile Broadband usage