Adding a shopping cart module to your site

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Activating and Configuring Online Store

This tutorial will explain how to add and online store to your website.

Please note that this tutorial just covers the basics on how to do the initial setup, since this is a third party software module we do not offer support for it.

  • Step 1

Drag the Online Store module onto the page that will need to display the products. You will need to register and account with Ecwid, so enter your name, email, address and password and click send. You will then receive a conformation email to confirm that you own the specified email address.

Sitecreator img1.PNG
  • Step 2

Once your account has been registered, select Manage and it will direct you to the following URL where you will need to enter the email address and password that you used for registration.

Sitecreator img02.PNG

  • Step 3

Once you are logged in you will see a message telling you that you have not configured the store front URL, we suggest that you do this first so click on the “Store front url” and enter the details as seen in the example below. Once all the details have been filled in, click save.

Sitecreator img6.PNG
  • Step 6

Once you have configured the store details, click on Formats & Units, this is where you will need to change the Currency to ZAR etc. There are allot of other option to choose from so feel free to explore. Below is a basic example of one we did.

Sitecreator img4.PNG
  • Step 7

The next step is, Click on the Catalog tab and select Categories. You will need to create a category, in my example I created one called hosting. When you have filled in all the relevant information simply click save.

Sitecreator img13.PNG
  • Step 8

Now that you have a category, you are now ready to start adding your products. To do so click on Products and then select new product, you will need to enter some details about your product such as product name which category it belongs to as well as price, description and maybe an image. Once you are happy click save and repeat this to create more products. See an example of one we did below.

Sitecreator img9.PNG

  • Step 9

Now that you know how to create products, the next step would be to configure how clients will be paying you. To do so you will need to click on System Settings and then payments. As a beginner, it’s recommended that you start off using an Offline Payment Processor such as Purchase Order, Wire Transfer instead. (Please note that this option is entirely up to you)

Sitecreator img14.PNG
  • Step 10

Another Step worth mentioning is to configure the email notifications, this will prove quite vital to your online store as this allows you to be notified of new orders received and a whole lot more.

Sitecreator img15.PNG
  • Step 11

You will need to return to the Web Presence Builder editor first and click the Reload link on the Online Store module to synchronize the shopping cart. Once you are happy that all your products are visible, click Publish.

Sitecreator img16.PNG

  • Step 12

Now it’s time to test the shopping cart to see if it works the way you want it too. Visit the site as if you are the client, you should see the categories you created. As you can see in my example I created 3 categories (Domains , ADSL and Hosting).

Sitecreator img18.PNG
  • Step 13

In order to purchase a product select the appropriate category and you should see the products associated with it. In my example I created two products (Nano and Micro). Now from here, we suggest that you purchase a product to see how it works.

Sitecreator img11.PNG

  • Step 14

You might be asking yourself, well how would I view my orders. The answer is quite simple, you will simply click on the following link and login with your credentials. You then need to click on Sales to view or process the order. I have done a few demo purchase for this tutorial, as seen below.

Sitecreator img17.PNG

And thats it, you should now know how to add a online store to your site.