Configure a static IP address

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Using a static IP address gives you more control over your IT infrastructure and very useful instead of using dynamic DNS services if you are hosting email or other web services. The requirements of using a static IP address are:

  1. An Imaginet Uncapped ADSL account.
  2. Any router/server/software capable of terminating an L2TP connection.
  3. An Imaginet static IP package

Router Setup

  1. Go to the VPN settings on your router or use server software
  2. Find the L2TP section (Fig. 1)
    Fig. 1
  3. Enter the following authentication details:
  4. L2TP Service IP: ( use your allocated IP address)
  5. Enter your Username and Password provided

Router configuration

The IP address must be configured as follows in your router (Fig. 2):

Fig. 2
   Protocol: L2TP VPN
   Type of connection: dial-out
   Server IP address:
   Connection type: Remote access
   Password: yourDSLpassword
   Authentication type: PAP
   Tunnel authentication: disable
   Activate as default route: yes
   Remote host name: (leave blank)
   Local host name: (leave blank)
   IPSec: not enabled
   Authentication: None
   Encryption: NULL
   Perfect forward secrecy: None
   Pre-shared key: (leave blank)