How Imaginet blocks spam

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Imaginet uses a bespoke spam filtering system aimed at providing the best possible spam filtering with near-zero false-positives. Techniques used include:

- URIBLs and RBLs: internal, Invaluement, SORBS, GBUDB, Whitelist ZA

- Virus and spam filtering with ClamAV

- Checking of mail against a 'fuzzy' checksum database generated from mail received by spamtraps

- Advanced bayesian statistics

- Global and customer-operated address blacklists & whitelists

- Strict enforcement of SPF

Spam-filtered mail is delivered to a Spam Quarantine or, if there is enough of a consensus between the systems we employ, discarded.

You can help us improve accuracy by reporting misclassified mail to us, please see How to report spam to Imaginet

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