How to Backup your website

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Step 1:Firstly ensure that you have all your logins supplied on your datasheet that was sent to you.

To backup your database simply visit your browser and type in (please note to replace the with your actual domain name).

You should see a login page like this:

Step 2:Enter the database username and password that is listed on your datasheet and press go.


Once you are logged in you should see a table filled with information.


Step 3:Tick the box that says check all and right next to that you should see a drop down menu. choose the option that says export.

Once you have selected export it will open up the next step which is to click on GO that will begin downloading your database to your local computer in the Downloads directory as shown below:


You have finally completed the backup download of your database to your local machine.

Step 4:The next and final step is to backup your actual web content that is located in your root directory known as httpdocs.

Simply open up filezilla on your computer if you already have it installed or if not, you can simply download it from this link FileZilla

Open up filezilla and enter your details.

For example your host: Username: your ftp username Password your ftp password Port you may leave it blank

Click on quick connect after entering your details and look for the folder called httpdocs and double click it.


You should see all your content listed.

On your left site on your screen you should see your local directories on your computer as shown in the above image. Where it says Local site C:\Users\Dylan\ That is where your site will be stored. But you may change that if you wish to do so. However I chose to backup the site up in the Downloads directory with in a folder called website1.

Here is how you create the folder you wish to store your content in.

Step 5:Firstly right click and create a directory that you want the site files to be copied too.

Create- directory.PNG

After the folder has been created, double click on the folder you just created and it should change the local site path to the folder you just created.

In my case it is C:\Users\Dylan\Downloads\website1\

Step 6: Press ctrl A so all you site content is highlighted, then right click and select download.

Downloading content.PNG

This may take a while depending on the size of all your content. Below will show you the progress on the download


Once completed you have successfully made your own backup of the site.