Huawei E367 Quick installation guide

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  1. Remove the back cover of the modem, and insert your SIM card.
  2. Insert the modem in to the USB port of your PC.
  3. Device drivers will be installed automatically. Wait for a message informing you that your new modem is ready to use. This may take several minutes.
  4. Huawei's Mobile Partner software will now be installed. You will see the pop-up in Figure 1.
    Fig. 1
  5. The Mobile Partner app will run as soon as it's installed. When the window in Figure 2 appears, click on Tools and then Options.
    Fig. 2
  6. Select Profile Management and click New.
  7. Give the new profile a name, such as Imaginet.
  8. Under APN select Static and enter yourmobile.
  9. Click Save and then OK.
  10. Click Connect to connect to the internet.
  11. If prompted for a PIN, enter the number on the card provided with your SIM.
  12. Whenever you plug in your 3G modem, the Mobile Partner software will run automatically, and all you'll need to do is click Connect.