Saving your website

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                                                                                Saving your website

  • Saving your website is one of the most crucial things that needs to be done after ever large change has been made, Reason being is that,if something had to go wrong and no backups were made. You would end up having to redo the entire site from ground up.Although our servers do backups on a weekly basis, it will upload the site content back to its original state, but sadly the backend will not be loaded back.
  • After you have made your changes and want to save your work,but not publish it yet, you will need to hover over the drop down arrow along side the Publish button and select Save Draft.
Saving your changes.png

  • To save a copy of your website to your local machine, you simply repeat the process but this time click on Backup/Restore which give you the option to select the Backup Button.