Slow ADSL Speeds

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If you notice that your connection has been slowed down on your internet browsing session or downloads, please follow the below steps to isolate where the slow activity could be originating from:

Avoid using long extension cables between your modem/router and the phone socket.

-Extension cables will weaken your broadband signal and this can reduce the potential connection speed you will obtain.

-If your computer is not near the phone socket it is preferable to use the short ADSL cable supplied and a longer Ethernet cable to connect between the router and the computer as these equipment do not lose signal.

-Remove any peripheral equipment from your phone line, network such as fax machines, wireless phones, answering machines etc.

-If you choose to use a wireless connection (slower than a wired connection) instead of wired please ensure.

-Your wireless network is secured to prevent others accessing it and using your network resources.

-Clear your computer’s cache through your Internet browser.

-Make sure you have adequate security and anti-virus software. Keep it updated and regular scans.

-Disable any Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing software currently installed on your computer, e.g. bit torrent.

-Check the speed with just one computer connected to your network. Go to SpeedTest to test your current speed.

-Check the MTU setting in your router, 1492 is the standard setting. Maximum Transmission Unit is a setting on your router that specifies how big the block of data is that is sent across your network.

- A faulty computer, or slow computer can reduce the response of your Internet connection. Make sure that your computer is reliable and software is up to date.

- Connect a single alternative computer to your network and perform a speed test. Only test with a computer that you know is working correctly.

If you have tried the options above please contact our Help Desk and we can try re-syncing your Telkom line or resetting the port which could improve your speed.