VDSL router configuration

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  • Connect and plug-in the router to your VDSL enabled phone line. Connect the network cable to the router and your computer.
  • Open up Firefox and connect to the routers IP address: (You may need to refresh the network connection so that it gets assigned the range of Zyxel)(Fig. 1)
Fig. 1
  • You will be prompted for the details and they are the default:

username: admin
password: 1234

  • You will then be prompted to change the default password.Once you have typed and confirmed a passord then click "Apply"(Fig. 2)
Fig. 2
  • Once logged in you will see "Network Setting" on the bottom toolbar move your mouse over it and a sub-menu will appear where you can click on "Broadband"(Fig. 3)
Fig. 3
  • You will get the screen Fig. 4 and on the far right you will see the notepad icon "Edit" click this for the VDSL connection type.
Fig. 4
  • The connection pop-up will appear, the 3rd option "WANServiceType" in the drop down change current setting "IP over Ethernet" -> "PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE)"(Fig. 5)
Fig. 5
  • Once changed you will then have the option to type (copy, paste) in the "PPPUserName" and "PPPPassword" fields i.e ADSL username and password. (Fig. 6)
Fig. 6
  • Click "Apply" and this will automatically save the settings.
  • Now move your mouse over "Maintenance" and in the menu click "User Account" (Fig. 7)
Fig. 7
  • In the dropbox select "User" and type in the old password "1234" and then the new password you just created in point 4 of this guide. (Fig. 8)
Fig. 8
  • Click "Apply" and all settings will be saved and just need to reboot to make sure you see a connection established on "Connection Status" page