When to upgrade your hosting

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An email will be sent to your primary contact address as soon as your traffic allocation is reached, indicating that a surcharge of R0.19 per mb will apply for any additional traffic. Please see the table below which lists the hosting packages that are offered, their traffic allowances and the “break-even” point, being the point where an upgrade will become more cost effective than paying for excess traffic.

Hosting traffic can be monitored through your MyDot control panel, and packages can be upgraded through the control panel or by sending an email to info@imaginet.co.za. Upgrading your package will increase your traffic allowance, and if your traffic falls within the allocated allowance, no surcharge fee will apply. If you upgrade your package during the course of any month, your next invoice will include a “Price Difference” fee, being the difference in price between the previous package and the package that has been upgraded to. You can elect to upgrade your package at the start of the following month to avoid this fee and elect to pay for excess traffic instead.

Starter and Business Hosting

Hosting package
Traffic Allowance
Break-even traffic
Nano Hosting 200 MB 250 MB
Micro Hosting 400 MB 590 MB
Lite Hosting 750 MB 990 MB
Budget Hosting 1 500 MB 1 850 MB
Standard Hosting 2500 MB 3 100 MB
Premium Hosting 3500 MB 4 380 MB
Corporate Hosting 5000 MB 7 638 MB

SiteCreator Hosting

Hosting package
Traffic Allowance
Break-even traffic
Mini 300 MB 457 MB
Small 700 MB 821 MB
Medium 1 000 MB 1 384 MB
Large 2 000 MB 2 389 MB
Huge 3 000 MB 7 411 MB