ZTE mf286c Quick installation guide

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  • Ensure that the SIM card has been inserted correctly into the device, and that the router is plugged in and powered on and if using an ethernet cable that the ethernet cable is firmly inserted on both ends.

  • Log in using the username admin and the password admin.

  • Select settings.

  • Select Dial-up from the left-hand menu and then Profile managment from the drop down list.

  • From here we will be able to manage the set APN, our next step is to select New Profile, we can set the profile name to Imaginet LTE, although this is just a placeholder and should not effect the functionality, then for the APN enter ws.yourfixedlte.fwa then save the profile.

  • Before leaving the profile management page ensure the profile just added has been set as the default profile.

  • Once the above has all been done, simply reboot the device and the router should now be connected.