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about us

Imaginet's History:

Imaginet sent its first email out to the world on October 21, 1997 and so began a dream for the developers and owners, Darren and Dianne Miller. Darren came to South Africa from San Francisco and saw the need to start a reliable and affordable Internet service.

Imaginet has come a long way from that first e-mail and the first customer who signed up. We have now been providing nationwide internet access to thousands of clients for more than 23 years and many of our very first clients are still enjoying our service.

Imaginet is an independent Internet Provider and is national.  We have presence in  all towns and cities around South Africa. We are proudly entering our 25th Year in this service and have seen many changes and developments with improved access for so many South Africans. It's a truly exciting industry and one we are proud to serve.


As we enter our 26th Year, we would like to grow with our customers and are moving towards an holistic solution for their internet experience. Imaginet will move forward to assist all personal and business clients to achieve their goals this new year as an Internet Service and Development Provider. We will be offering total solutions which will put you on the web and keep you involved in the greatest communication tool of the 21st Century… the Internet! 

Imaginet's Goals:

Imaginet strives to provide a quality of internet service on par with that of first world countries.

The aim is to deliver a comprehensive service offering that enables Imaginet's South African clients to achieve their full potential for business and pleasure on the Internet.

Service and customer care have become paramount to our ethos at Imaginet as we have wonderful staff who are keen, engaged, and excited as another good year draws to a close. Join us in making this year one to remember.


 Meet our Sales Team stars ! 


Andrew Cuyler - Sales Manager  

Andrew Cuyler
nakles the cat

"I grew up watching Star Trek, and Captain Picard was my role model growing up -- he taught me to stand up for what I believe is right, no matter what. I studied botany and biochem and I'm totally in love with plants and their chemistry, especially how they make fragrant compounds. I love hiking, growing plants, distilling essential oils, and making perfumes in my spare time. I was a cook before I worked at Imaginet and still love cooking complicated exotic food (I'm currently obsessed with grains of paradise ginger snap biscuits). I also enjoy working with senior citizens, teaching them about computers, and helping them find their way online. I've recently been very into open source software and and the GNU philosophy. I use Linux at home and have made it my mission to teach my department about FOSS, security, and privacy. I love working at Imaginet because we're a family. There's no other place like this on earth, where everyone genuinely loves and cares about each other this much. Working here has given me the opportunity to learn about the technologies that shape our world, and the importance of protecting those technologies and people's free and open access to them. I've also enjoyed the opportunity to engage with senior citizens in our community and have formed really precious friendships with many of them. I live with an aging cow cat called Nankles, who is my best buddy. If you'd like to contact us, my public key is available on keys.openpgp.org."




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