Imaginet Cloud Back Up

Stratus Cloud Back up for Clients!


Host all your important information where it is safe, secure and readily available any time you need it.

South African hosted servers and support is at your fingertips and you can set it up to automatically backup your new data off-site on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

As companies develop and deal with an ever growing mound of corporate information, they face a harsh truth: without their data, they have no business. That’s why it’s so critical to have a modern and dependable system in place to safeguard priceless and irreplaceable business information. Over the last decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore options have emerged as secure, cost-effective and reliable solutions.


Inexpensive, simple, reliable and even encypted !



Install, Set & Forget

Automated backup as your new data is quietly copied off-site and backed up every day. The data is encrypted with 256 bit military-grade encryption and supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Plugins for Exchange/Outlook/MS-SQL,MySQL/Oracle etc.


See our competitive GB pricing for online and cloud backup with Imaginet below !

Reasons to choose Imaginet:

Dependable Network

Look no further, we are always online ! Our servers are housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy over both SAT-3 and SEACOM.

19 Years of Trusted Service

Imaginet has had loyal clients for over 19 years now and thousands of compliments. You deserve great service, so trust us with your connectivity needs.


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  Setup Price  

Stratus Backup 5GB

R49.00 R25.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 10GB

R49.00 R32.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 20GB

R49.00 R45.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 50GB

R49.00 R80.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 100GB

R49.00 R140.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 200GB

R49.00 R260.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 500GB

R49.00 R620.00 Buy Now

Stratus Backup 1TB

R49.00 R1,220.00 Buy Now

Each of these packages includes:

  • Backup service for one device
  • Additional licenses available on request

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"Thanks guys, your services and rates are impeccable, I wish I found you earlier in life. Next year I'll be in full swing again and I'll simply insist on Imaginet for hosting and ADSL lines. Meanwhile you guys on the floor just keep at it, REAL GOOD WORK!!! Thank you to all those who keep the machine well-oiled at ground level." - Mr. A Bothma

  • My[Dot] Control Panel
  • Skilled Help Desk agents
  • Free email support
  • Free telephonic support
  • Call-Me-Back support
  • Full knowledge base
  • Video tutorials 


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