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Have a Quality internet experience...  Get unshaped bandwidth with Imaginet and experience truly premium broadband access at reasonable prices. Our Per GB services will work on ADSL, Fibre* and VDSL, so you can enjoy the full speed of your line without paying extra. 

If you are a Gamer or like streaming media then you need a quality internet connection. Imaginet Per GB provides the best performance for your line and full control over your internet limits. Unshaped bandwidth at your full line speed ensures a smooth, blazing fast experience.

Get quality connectivity; get Imaginet Per GB today! Read all about it ...

Reasons to choose Imaginet:

Dependable Network

Look no further, we are always online ! Our servers are housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy over both SAT-3 and SEACOM.

Great Customer Support

Every one of our clients is a member of the Imaginet family. Pick up the phone and speak to someone who cares about you and your connectivity. Superior service is our ethos.


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  E-mail Addresses Price  

Soft Cap 10GB

5 R 99.00 Buy Now

Soft Cap 20GB

5 R 149.00 Buy Now

Soft Cap 50GB

5 R 269.00 Buy Now

Soft Cap 100GB

5 R 525.00 Buy Now

Soft Cap 200GB

5 R 699.00 Buy Now

Soft Cap 300GB

5 R 999.00 Buy Now

Soft Cap 500GB

5 R 1,599.00 Buy Now

 Additional Usage Billed @ R7.00/GB

Each of these packages includes:

Compatible with VDSL up to 40Mbps

No Contract

No Set-up Fee

Unshaped Bandwidth

Runs on Any Line Speed

- 384kbps to 100 Mbps ,including  Fibre*

Unlimited Concurrent Connections

Use from Multiple Locations

Adjustable Soft Cap

  • - Won't Cut You Off
  • - No Top-Ups Needed

Hard Cap Can Easily Be Set

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"Wow... you guys are awesome! I have only been with you for all of 31min and have already had the most fantastic service! Well done!!!" - Ms. C Torr

  • Number of email addresses differs per package
  • Full control via My[Dot]
  • Free fax2email number
  • Access from anywhere through Webmail or Roundcube
  • POP or IMAP options
  • Auto-responders
  • Mail forwarding
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus
  • Support for various Mail Clients
  • Month-to-month service
  • Package billed in advance
  • Additional usage billed in arrears
  • Additional usage billed in 1GB increments
  • Payment via debit order or credit card
  • Cancellation before the 24th.
  • Invoice sent out on 1st of each month
  • Debit processed at midnight on the 1st working day.
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Detailed usage breakdown
  • Fibre backbone
  • Will work on any line from 384kbps up to 10Mbps
  • Adjustable Soft cap (data limit) allows for flexibility
  • Soft cap can be set to a limit of your choice
  • Default limit is set to double your package
  • 90% usage notification emails
  • Free domain registration
  • Annual renewal fee for domain will apply
  • Domain renewal notification sent out 1 month in advance
  • Free Micro hosting package included
  • 10 email addresses @your domain name
  • 100MB of website storage
  • FTP and My[Dot] access
  • 400MB of traffic (including web and mail traffic)
  • Additional traffic billed at R0.19 per MB


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