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Your online success starts with a great domain name. At Imaginet, we make it quick, easy and inexpensive to register the domain you want. You can check your own domain name availability on our page. We will help you park your domain on our servers or give you an inexpensive, unlimited hosting facility for your chosen domain.  

Whether you want to personalize your email, host a website, or both, the first step to secure your name is to register your domain with Imaginet. Check if your domain name is available by typing in your name and the suffix below.  Imaginet now has added city names to our growing list of domains you can buy. and .durban are now for sale.  Get your domain name today before it's taken !  


And another Imaginet we believe that ZA domain transfers should always be free. That's why we have never charged a transfer fee for, or .city domains, and never will. Transfer your domain to Imaginet today, or any time, and you'll only pay the annual renewal fee when it's due. Yet another to choose Imaginet and ZA domains!



Reasons to choose Imaginet:

Dependable Network

Look no further, we are always online ! Our servers are housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy over both SAT-3 and SEACOM.

19 Years of Trusted Service

Imaginet has had loyal clients for over 19 years now and thousands of compliments. You deserve great service, so trust us with your connectivity needs.

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These are the domains we currently offer...

.com R 189.00 / once off R 189.00 / year
.biz R 189.00 / once off R 189.00 / year
.org R 189.00 / once off R 189.00 / year
.info R 189.00 / once off R 189.00 / year
.net R 189.00 / once off R 189.00 / year R 95.00 / once off R 95.00 / year
.mobi R 349.00 / once off R 349.00 / year
.tv R 699.00 / once off R 699.00 / year R 95.00 / once off R 95.00 / year
.capetown R 325.00 / once off R 325.00 / year
.durban R 325.00 / once off R 325.00 / year
.joburg R 325.00 / once off R 325.00 / year
.me R 349.00 / once off R 349.00 / year R 95.00 / once off R 95.00 / year R 95.00 / once off R 95.00 / year

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  • Free email support
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  • Full knowledge base
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  • Most affordable internet deals.
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  • 2 Concurrent connections with PIR sharing
  • Unshaped when on 5 Stars
  • Bundle with your DSL line and save
  • AUP and T&Cs apply
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Detailed usage breakdown
  • Fibre backbone
  • Will work on any line from 384kbps up to 10Mbps
  • Adjustable Soft cap (data limit) allows for flexibility
  • Soft cap can be set to a limit of your choice
  • Default limit is set to double your package
  • 90% usage notification emails
  • Photo Gallery 
  • Contact Form
  • Embedded Video
  • Social Sharing Links and Graphics – facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Interactive Blog

Whether you choose to have a static or dynamic IP address will usually be determined by what you want to do or achieve online. For example, if you are a business concern and wish to host your own server, you would obviously choose a static IP address that is always the same. The main advantages of static IP addresses are:

  • greater reliability
  • You can always be reached at the same address
  • best option for Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • a static IP is more reliable in hosting a gaming site
  • you can use  a Virtual Private Network for secure access to files from your company network computer.


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