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It's a brand new year and Imaginet comes of age in 2018. Yes, this year we are turning 21.. licence to do just about anything we want :)  We have plenty of good plans and ideas and are already launching LTE to our customers as from January 1.

As the market evolves to allow connectivity without actual lines we are getting excited about the prospects of cutting out the need for stressful line problems. We have found that this is by far the biggest stumbling block in providing  clients with the best internet experience they can get.  We hope to roll out new services to all of you who have lost lines to theft or maintenance lacklustre.  This brings in a new era which also means clients dont have to pay for a landline they never use.  So... the year is already looking promising.

Don't forget we have fibre and MTN mobile offerings as well and of course ADSL is still our most chosen form of internet access to date.

We have been able to power through some hosting breakthroughs and Imaginet is proud to announce even better server hosting this year. We just jumped up all our servers a notch to better protect and safeguard your websites online.

We have added several new Fibre providers to our growing list. You can view all your options on our main fibre page - now with Free basic installation until further notice!

Hosting packages start with two options . One for building your own website : 

and the other for more traditional hosting provision

For all other services follow us on social media for the latest news on services and products. 

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