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We have reached the last quarter of the year and it's a little scary how time has flown.. However, Imaginet has been busy and we are now offering our clients an updated and responsible set of new site creator templates. Please check out our website to try our demo !


  • Hundreds of free Templates!
  • Super easy drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited pages – all customisable
  • No Contract
  • Email Control through My[Dot] Control Panel

We have also launched our new wireless offering over LTE-A and this has proven to be extremely popular in areas of bad ADSL connectivity or poor infrastructure quality. A lot of cable breaks and ageing equipment is making it difficult to maintain the quality first experienced with DSL connections. So.. here is a brand new way to connect your home or office. 

Save on costs as No landline needed !




 Yours with lots of love from the Imaginet Team 




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