Domain Processes and Procedures



What can cause a coza transfer to fail?


1: Uniform policy states that a domain cannot transfer if it is less than 30 days old.

2: A domain may not be transferred during its Anniversary Period. The period is 3 days prior to its expiration up to the   6th of the following month as well as the first month of its registration. This means that if a domain's anniversary is on the 10th, it cannot be transferred from the 8th of the anniversary month until the 6th of the following month.

3: If the domain is not paid for it cannot transfer.

4: The other host will reject the transfer request if the client has failed to notify their host of the transfer.

5: The domain has not been set up in Icon (Imaginet's Billing System).



CO.ZA Domains: Transfer Out


Transferring a coza domain away from Imaginet the new host needs to submit a transfer ticket for us to accept.

We need to ensure that our client has approved the transfer via email for our records and that our client does not owe us any money before releasing the domain to another host.


To accept/deny a transfer request we need to search for in icon and log into this mailbox, once logged in go to the Support section and in the search enter and a list of all transfer out requests will be displayed, open the relevant ticket and click on the approve or deny links provided.


Accounts should have already scheduled the clients hosting to terminate from Icon but to be double sure send the ticket back to sacs stating “ has transferred away from Imaginet to Examplehost” and accounts will make sure the packages are set to terminate from our systems.


Contacting UniformSA


To contact UniformSA regarding domains one can visit in their web browser and all contact information is displayed.




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