why Fibre

Fibre is new technology which involves the transfer of data through glass cabling which is smooth and fast.  Today fibre is the most reliable form of internet connectivity available and it is taking the market by storm !  No more noise, stolen cables or old infrastructure.

One of the reasons this is so awesome is the weather doesn’t affect the connection as much as it used to as glass doesn’t conduct electricity like copper and so there is less interference on the lines.  The installation and methodology is similar but the copper is much easier to maintain and lends itself to innovative ways to make the data transfer even faster in the future. 

A big bonus is there is no more waiting for a landline before you can access your internet. Fibre is rolled out as a separate product and no existing landline is needed for the connection. Data can also be transmitted over longer distances and it really won’t matter how far you are from the exchange in the future… Yes you have heard that excuse before..!

 So you want to switch from ADSL to Fibre.. what do you need to know?

Although it sounds like some kind of magic, this service is just the same as any other you would purchase at Imaginet. You just have to sign up with us. Send us a mail requesting fibre and we will do the rest.  Once you have done that, and we have confirmed that fibre is indeed available to you, we will arrange the necessary installation with the relevant provider. It would be so cool to connect you the same day but that just about will never happen as time frames from various providers differ and the demand also will determine the roll out.  Of course, once your fibre is ready to use, we will cancel your ADSL immediately. You would need to cancel your own landline as well by contacting Telkom on 10210.

Once my fibre is installed what is the next step.

You will need a router to access your fibre connection. Let us know what kind of router you already have as some are compatible and will work beautifully on fibre. If you need a new one, we sell them and can set it all up and courier it to your door. All you need to do then is plug it in !

How long will you have to wait for fibre.

If you see trenching in your area, you are probably looking at another month at least. It takes time to dig the furrows and to carefully lay the cabling and then there is a testing phase before the fibre is released for resale.

At present there is a bit of a war on who will get there first so that is a good thing as fibre is rolling out fairly quickly in some major centres. It will take longer to get to the rural areas where there is less demand. If you have an area which really would qualify for fibre, please get signatures and approach Telkom as they will supply fibre where there is sufficient demand.

If you are not happy with your fibre…

We have yet to hear of a case when clients have been unhappy but just in case there is something that prompts you to cancel, there is a charge to stop the service.  Imaginet requires a full calender notice period and the charges are as follows:

Telkom – R2000

Vumatel – R999


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