We have been very fair in our email policy and for a while we didn’t charge clients for any extra usage but as our lines became more costly it was obvious we needed to limit high usage and charge for hosting and include mail usage in the data count.


Online disk space limitations.

Once a client has chosen a hosting package for his domain and uses mail on that domain, he will be restricted to the amount of mail which can be stored on Imaginet servers.


Limit on number of recipients.

Imaginet has a limit of 40 recipients on one message.  This is almost double the industry standard. This includes cc’d or bcc’d messages.


The hourly limit on emails

 For most ISP’s the maximum amount of emails sent of per hour is 300. At Imaginet we have restricted this to 400 but we can lift the amount if necessary for sending out invoices etc.  The policy is flexible if there is a valid business reason for lifting the restriction.

What happens when I reach one of my limits?

Online disk space limit

When you reach your allocated disk space limit, you will still be able
to use more disk space. However, for every KB/MB you go over your
limit, you will get charged a designated surplus fee. Please check our website as this varis from product to product. Imaginet will send out a notice to you to warn you if you have exceeded your limit. The best option would be to then upgrade to a higher package or delete your mails sitting on our server. Just ask us to assist you and we will talk you through this process. This is tied to hosting package limits to be aware your mail usage storage contributes to the overall data allowed.

Bandwidth limit

When you reach your allocated bandwidth limit, you will still be able
to send and receive emails, although for every KB/MB you go over your
limit. Again you will be charged a fee for every KB or MB that you go over the limit so do check with the site to see the charges. When you receive our notification that you have gone over your limit you can contact our sales or accounts department or even upgrade your own package using our control panel available to you.. called MyDot. This is directly linked to connectivity and these surcharges will apply.


Email size limit

If you send an email of more than 25 MB then you will get an error
message. If the mail is this size or lagers you will get a message to say the mail has not been sent as the mail is too large. The
error message depends on which SMTP server you’re using at the time of
the message being sent. This only applies to clients using smtp.imaginet.co.za


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