Why is my ISP doing a Trace Route

 Sometimes doing a trace route might be the easiest way to troubleshoot your connection and find out if there is anything blocking your connectivity or path.

 This becomes a very useful tool to track the route taken by data packets across and internet network. Almost all operating systems have this functionality so it should be easy for you to see how to do this from your computer. These trace routes give the technicians a virtual map of the route taken by any specific server and will be counted in the number of hops it takes to get to the required “destination” or website.

 If a support centre technician asks you to do a trace route, just click on your START icon and type the words CMD in the search box. It differs slightly from system to system and you might find you get prompted by RUN first and then the search will come up where you type CMD. Click OK or push the Enter key.

 A black window will appear on your screen. Type in the words tracert and the name of the website you are looking for before pressing the Enter key again. This will then show you a route your computer has taken to reach the website you require.


You can read that to the support technician who might be able to identify where your search is failing or if you are indeed having a network or firewall issue.



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