How to report spam

You can report spam email you have received to Please forward the message, including full mail headers (Fig. 1), to this

Fig. 1

Imaginet requires the full header information from your email software. It also requires the unmodified body including HTML codes if any and/or MIME information. It depends on your email software. We have included Microsoft Outlook Express shortcut keys for your reference:

Outlook Express ( Most Versions ) Start by opening the message in it's own window (or when viewing the message in the preview pane). Then:

With the keyboard:

CTRL-F3 (Message Source Window)

CTRL-A (select all)

CTRL-C (copy)

ALT-F4 (close)

With the mouse:

Click the "File" menu

Click "Properties"

Click the "Details" tab

Click "Message Source"

Highlight, copy and paste everything from this window (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C)

With viruses, worms and trojans being spread via email, many users now work with the preview screen in Outlook Express turned off. Viewing the contents of email in the preview screen is no different than opening the message. If the email has malicious content, it may execute in the preview screen.

The following is instructions to obtain the full message source if you have the preview panel turned off:

Using the keyboard:

Highlight the message in the folder

Press alt & enter - this will open a message information window

Press Ctrl & Tab - this changes to the "Details" tab

Press Alt & m - the opens the message source

Press Ctrl & a - to select all the text

Press Ctrl & c - to copy the selected text to the clipboard

Press Alt & F4 - to close the message source window

Press the Esc keay - to close the information window

Forward the spam email to

With the curser in the parsing box, press Ctrl & v to paste the clipboard contents into the message window

Click the Send button.

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