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We all get excited when we hear “fast internet speeds”, but before we get cracking and signing up for “faster internet” there are few factors that we have to keep in mind. Things like distance from the exchange (Attenuation), the number of people currently connected to that exchange,  Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), and of course if there are any ports available.


 There are various ways to check what is the maximum speed that your exchange supports. First its the self service option

Go to the following link, Enter your number and search, it will provide you with the details below:


Internet speeds


Unfortunately, this option does not provide you with more information it only tells you what your exchange can handle as well as distance.

Second option is to contact our support consultants provide them with your existing ADSL number, they will in turn provide you with all the relevant information and more. This includes the interference on the line (SNR) and how stable your line will be once you upgrade to Maximum speeds as well as the availability of the ports on that exchange.

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