How long will my Telkom line fault take to be resolved?

When our ADSL lines start giving problems, the process to get it repaired can be very tedious and stressful. Imaginet has encouraged many clients to move their lines over to us so that we can deal with the tough stuff.  And we have had a lot of success and many less stressed clients. However, to put things into perspective though , here is a list of how the process should work.. in a perfect world 

You, the client, will report a line fault and the fault is then assigned to the Telkom Testing Centre where it most likely will stay for a testing period of anything between 24 and 48 hours.  At this point the technicians in-house will attempt to restore the services remotely but if this is not possible then a work order is created and assigned to a technician in your area.  This is where it gets interesting as the time then between this work order being assigned and the technician dealing with the order is dependent on how efficient he/or she I and the workload in your area.  The turnaround time on a good day for Telkom for this kind of work is about two weeks.  This again will be influenced by the resources available to the technician and the number of orders to be investigated in your area.

During this waiting period there will be an open fault recorded by Telkom on their system regarding your query.  If you are with Imaginet we would daily or even hourly check on the progress of this fault and provide you with feedback every one to two days, if there is movement on the fault.

In many cases, our clients will receive an sms from Telkom to say the fault has been resolved, when in fact the problem still persists. In this case you should respond with a NO to the sms if it asks if you are happy for them to close the work order.  Your next step is to inform your ISP if they are managing your line, as Imaginet does. Our staff will then immediately re-log the fault and do an escalation to ensure the fault is dealt with properly and timeously.

If the fault is linked to the Telkom network, your ISP should be able to tell you if there is a problem in your area. Telkom regularly sends out notifications listing areas or regions with faults of maintenance down time.  In this case it is very difficult to estimate the time that Telkom will respond to a network fault. It could even take a few months if the area  is not supported by businesses or is in a remote area.

  • Cable theft is also an issue which has some serious implications for clients in affected areas. Telkom will provide some feedback on the areas affected as soon as information becomes available. In high risk areas, some cabling is not being replaced and this is a huge issue for DSL users. You will be advised that your area is not going to be refurbished and of course we will allow you to cancel your services with immediate effect. .


We recommend joining us and letting us manage your DSL lines. Our prices are  are very competitive so hand over the problems and faults to our experienced staff. We are also lucky enough to have dedicated technicians who deal with our clients’ faults and this speeds up the process tremendously. Plus.. you never have to be on hold for Telkom again ! : )

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