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We are developing a social media FAQ for our new Imagi-social website. Please feel free to add questions and issues that you feel to be  important.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, also known as SMM, is the process of using social media and social networks to promote your products, views and profession via  social networking. It is becoming increasingly important to use SMM in conjunction with other search engine optimization methods ( SEO).


What is social media management?

In brief, social media management involves the process of creating a  social media strategy as well as running and administering the various social networks. Social networking is a  time consuming process and many people hire social media management services  to maintain run their social networks on a day to day basis.


Why do you need social media management?

Firstly, social networking has become an essential part of marketing in the modern interconnected and increasingly mobile digital environment. It is a vital component in communicating and interacting with clients and followers.  Social media is no longer an additional marketing option, especially in the competitive online business environment where advertising is increasingly moving to social platforms.

Secondly, social media management is not an automated process. it needs daily input, curation of content, selection of followers, creation of new quality content, as well as a host of other functions. Many professionals and business owners simply do not have the time to do this and rather employ a professional social media management service.


How does social media marketing work?

Social media marketing works through the promotion of quality  information and content  that is directed at a particular demographic and marketing segment.  in other words, through the promotion of quality content via the various social networks, one can build a brand following that generates incoming traffic to your website. Modern search marketing combines SMM and more traditional ways of promoting your website.


What is a social media startup service?

A start-up service refers to the initial process of creating an account on a social network and creating a profile to suit that network. Additional services may be offered, such as the acquisition of  followers.  Click here to view Imaginet’s startup service.

What does a social media management service offer?

A social medial service usually offers a number of interrelated services. This can include an start-up or setup service to register and initiate your social networks or a more comprehensive management service. A social media management service usually provides a customised marketing strategy for dealing with each clients particular needs and objectives. In other words, a management service would offer the following services, among others: the provision of content on a daily basis to the selected social network; alerts of queries sent to the client; search and following of industry professionals, leads and influencers; interaction on a daily basis with influential followers and prospective clients and weekly or monthly analytics. Statistics and measurement are an essential part of such a service. Furthermore, a social media management service has to keep up-to-date with the latest methods and tools in the fast developing social networking environment.

What are the main social Networks?

The most popular social networks are:

1.Facebook with 750,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

2.Twitter- 250,000,000  estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

3. LinkedIn -110,000,000  estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

4. Pinterest- | 85,500,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

5. Google Plus+ - 65,000,000  estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

( eBizMBA Rank)


Which social networks should you join?

Ideally, one should join as many social networks as possible in order to increase the reach of your message or product. It is important to note however that each social network is different – for example the members of LinkedIn differ generally from those who join Pinterest in terms of their objectives. The social network or networks that you decide to join will depend on your aims and social media goals – for example if you wish to meet and intersect with professionals in your industry you would join LinkedIn, while a network like Pinterest is more useful for visual promotions. Imaginet’s social media experts will assist you in this choice.

How important are statistics in social media?

It is important to measure the performance of your social network – but statistics are not everything and the value of  interaction with clients and customers cannot be measured. Having said that, statistics do provide an essential way of understanding how well your networks are working and provide insight into areas that can be improved. Measurement and analysis is provided by free applications like Google Analytics.  There are many other analytical tools that have been developed specifically for social networks like Pinterest and Twitter; for example and Pinleague.


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